Quality, Environmental and Safety Policies


The company’s overall aim is to provide graphic-based solutions to improve the organisation and image of its customers, through quality products and services designed to generate competitive advantage for all parties. Specific aims are:

Increasing Client Satisfaction

By aiming for the lowest possible number of customer complaints.

Improving Economic Performance

By increasing internal efficiency through reducing wastage of raw materials, non-productive equipment hours and volume of rejected products.

Meeting Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Both those directly applicable to the activity and other requirements to which the organisation has subscribed.

Minimising Environmental Impact

Through selection of raw materials and technology with a view to minimising the environmental impact of the production of self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves and tickets.


Preventing Pollution

Principally through the separation of industrial waste to ensure environmentally-conscious disposal.

Using Resources Efficiently

Namely energy, water and raw materials.

Encouraging Responsible Attitudes

Through awareness-raising amongst employees aimed at encouraging them to take an informed and responsible approach to the environment, both as professionals and as citizens.

Offering Healthy and Safe Working Conditions

By aiming to prevent injuries, workplace accidents or professional illness through the provision of information and training to employees and visitors to our facilities, in order to continually reinforce a culture of safety.

Promoting participation

By encouraging the involvement of all employees in the management of health and safety in the workplace, so that all are able to contribute to its effectiveness.

Improving Working Conditions

Through risk evaluation and continuous assessment of employee health and safety, trying wherever possible to eliminate or reduce the risks to which employees are exposed.

Acting Responsibly in the chain of Custody of Products based on Forestry

By implementing and maintaining the chain of custody requirements set down by the FSC® when supplying products to clients.

The quality, environmental and safety policies of AUTAJON LABELS EIKON adhere to the general guidelines of the AUTAJON group, in particular those relating to social and environmental responsibility, quality, hygiene, workplace health and safety, energy and the code of conduct.

These policies are communicated within the organisation through the intranet and display posters, provided to all new employees and made available on the internet to all interested parties. They are reviewed periodically to ensure they reflect current reality.