Founded in February 1996 for the production of self-adhesive labels.


The expertise, cutting edge equipment and production facilities and monitoring and quality control procedures of Autajon Labels Eikon allow it to guarantee the highest possible quality to customers.
State of the art equipment is used for offest and digital offset printing, as well as for special finishing such as hot and cold stamping, screen printing and embossing.

Market Segments

The company produces every type of label, for sectors such as food (including olive oil and confectionery), wine and beverages, consumer goods, chemical industry, pharma and cosmetics.

Small and large print runs can be accommodated, and the highest possible print quality is achieved on all types of substrate.

All labels are verified by machine vision systems to guarantee uniformity.

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Consumer Goods

Multilayer Printing

Labels can be produced in the form of a small book, allowing a large quantity of information to be printed in a small space.

The number of pages can vary according to the nature of the information, and can be large, for example in order to provide legal information or text in multiple languages.